Spa and Fitness

Give yourself some moments of happiness while training with our non-electric devices in the fitness room, doing sun salutations on the yoga mat, or simply by letting your soul unwind in the sauna area and swimming in the heated outdoor pool. Our Spa & Fitness at Anton Nature Hideaway is the perfect place for all of this. With our floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows and the extraordinary view, a nature cinema is guaranteed for you.

80 m² Spa
50 m² Fitness


Spa area
Finnish sauna combined with organic sauna
Rest area
Fresh air area
Fitness room
Yoga meditation corner
Outdoor pool (April to October)

Ground plan
Pool mit Ausblick Luxuschalet Italien Südtirol

Nature for the soul

Nature runs like a red thread through the new Anton in Natz. We bring it from outside to inside and continue this thread with the organic-certified natural products from Team Dr. Joseph.

Dr. Joseph is a success­ful and certi­fied pro­ducer of natural cos­metics who works with highly effi­cient natural ingre­dients and cutting-edge techno­logy in harmony with nature. The Vitalis line guaran­tees to main­tain the skin’s natural balance, is certi­fied organic and under­goes rigo­rous quality con­trols. For over 30 years, the passio­nate researcher Dr. Joseph has been cre­ating highly effec­tive combi­nations using a variety of plants.

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